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AxeTrading is the award winning global fixed income trading software company that enables unique market making, quoting, bond pricing and order execution

AxeTrading was founded in 2009 and is head quartered in London with sales offices in Sydney and Singapore.

  • AxeTrading has unique insight and market intelligence drawn from supporting trading across the full range of fixed income market participants.
  • The AxeTrader Quoting and Execution Management System (QEMS) workflow gives access to the most flexible, personalized and user configurable fixed income quoting and pricing engine.
  • AxeTrader is the only fixed income trading system that is designed to be interoperable and seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and legacy systems.
  • AxeTrader is not a trading venue, rather we free traders to make best use of their existing systems to interact seamlessly across execution venues and connect to leading market data sources.

Key Contacts

Greville Lucking Greville Lucking
Chief Executive Officer
Tom Yandell Tom Yandell
Chief Technology Officer
Alex Harris Alex Harris
Chief Customer Officer
Kem Husain Kem Husain
Managing Director APAC
Alex Aguinaldo Alex Aguinaldo
APAC Senior Sales Manager
Shaz Nasrin Shaz Nasrin
EMEA Senior Sales Manager


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Environmental, Social, and Corporate (ESG) Governance is part of the culture of AxeTrading and is very much part of our values and our ongoing business strategy. Our aim is to contribute to a sustainable society whilst providing high value to our customers and stakeholder groups including our people. We are committed to behaving ethically and to safeguarding the environment, using our skills to make a lasting contribution to communities.

AxeTrading's active approach to CSR also helps us build valuable and trusted relationships with our people, our clients, our suppliers and society at large. Our aim is to ensure that we embed CSR across the business globally so that our people can get involved in their local communities close to where they work and live.
From the Board downwards, we are harmonising our approach to CSR with strong leadership, consistent policies, dedicated resources and clear communication. Our approach can be modified from country to country to reflect local culture and priorities. Volunteering, charitable donations and supporting our people in the communities they live continue to be the three main pillars of our programme.

We also support and respect all internationally proclaimed human rights and are guided in the conduct of our business by the provisions of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) core labour standards and we comply with local legal requirements. As an employer we value diversity across our business and we care for the health and safety of each employee. This holistic approach to our people is a vital ingredient in the glue that binds our people together across AxeTrading's global business.

AxeTrading considers its key CSR / ESG issues relate to the following:

  • Wellbeing and development of our employees
  • Trust of our clients
  • Managing and influencing CSR / ESG across all stakeholders
  • Environmental impact of our services, especially with regard to energy consumption, printing and paper use
  • Impact on our community

Environmental impact of our operations

We seek to comply with local environmental legislation and work to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment by:

  • Reducing waste going to landfill by providing in-office recycling facilities for office waste
  • Using FSC-certified paper where possible
  • Encouraging our employees to reduce energy consumption within the office environment
  • Encouraging our staff to cycle or walk to work
  • Using energy efficient lighting, monitors and off-site servers where practicable
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