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Giving Brokers complete control over their client orders – from inception, to execution, to reporting – all in one platform.

The benefits of

  • Centralised order capture for all client orders.
  • Exploit your full voice and e-trading network.
  • Identify matching and netting opportunities.
  • Full electronic liquidity distribution and voice workflows integration.
  • Maximise quoting, price-taking, and crossing opportunities.
  • Quote single-sided customer orders on an agency execution basis.
  • Straight through processing and reporting.
  • Eliminate double keying of tickets.
  • Incorporate brokerage and execution fee mark-ups.
  • Regulatory compliance for pre- and post-trade workflows.
  • Use your existing web presence as a distribution portal – advertise and manage liquidity.
  • Provide a price for distribution, order, and RFQ-capture.
  • A single, unified desktop to trade across leading venues, access liquidity sources and market intelligence products.
  • Integrated with your trading, analytic, and back-office systems.
  • Quoting, pricing, manage RFQs, and execute orders across multiple execution platforms and trading venues.
  • Deliver increased revenue, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

See and effectively distribute all client orders to maximize crossing and revenue

The AxeTrader Quoting and Execution Management System provides Brokers an optimised, personalised and intuitive workflows for market making, quoting, bond pricing and order execution. It is fully integrated to ensure an efficient single point of access to the market. It enables Brokers to execute for their clients more effectively, across every order type, and every channel.

AxeTrader is not a trading venue, rather we free traders to make best use of their existing systems to interact seamlessly across execution and liquidity sources. Some other providers look to constrain and create a walled garden forcing users to be dependent on a limited range of options. AxeTrader connects to leading third-party market data sources and market intelligence systems.

Be more efficient – saving you time, money and enabling you to handle more orders.

  • Bringing all orders into a single, normalised order book for easier and more effective management.
  • Real-time pricing management and aggregation for better order execution, servicing and client satisfaction – helping to grow your business.
  • Consolidated market depth captured at execution – for MiFID II/Best Execution compliance, demonstrated through a more complete audit trail.
  • Aggregating client requests and orders from all market channels and order types – for better client service and total market coverage.
  • A unified, compliant and seamless workflow across electronic and voice – improving efficiency with all transaction data at hand.
  • AxeTrader can be delivered as a managed service using cloud hosting or deployed on premises

Increases efficiency by delivering a sophisticated, intuitive and powerful trading workflow in a single application. All the transaction, pricing and counter-party data needed to capture opportunities, displayed in one place, customisable to individual preferences, and feeding into a streamlined workflow specifically designed for effective Fixed Income order execution and improved client servicing.

Provides a single point of access to a global universe of Fixed Income execution venues – through simplified connectivity to all your firm’s Fixed Income platforms across the world. Data from these venues is aggregated, normalised and integrated into a single, unified experience – execute business faster, more accurately, more profitably.

Puts traders in complete control of their relationships across the global Fixed Income markets and gives them more time to focus on profitable business. Bespoke or automated pricing ensures competitiveness and best execution; workflow automation reduces risk and maximises effectiveness.

Ensures compliance with peace of mind in today’s rapidly shifting regulatory landscape. AxeTrading’s technology: captures granular snapshots of aggregated market depth and competing pricing with a more complete audit trail at the moment of execution; meets Best Execution requirements under MiFID II; and automates trade capture to fulfil reporting obligations.

Delivers a single, clear, customisable perspective into the fragmented Fixed Income markets by aggregating all your firm’s available sources of liquidity, pricing and market data, as well as client orders and notifications, into a single view – seamlessly combined with the tools to forge that information into business. It’s not about how many screens you have, it’s about how effectively you can spot and capture the trading opportunities and service your clients.

Enables Fixed Income traders to fully leverage the benefits or modern cutting edge trading technology and data. More complete audit trails, auto-generated regulatory reports, and the ability to analyse and understand your firm’s historic trading data, give you a better business insight and improve profitability.

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