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As buy-side traders are becoming price makers, not just price takers, they need
an advanced dedicated Quoting and Execution Management System.

The benefits of

Full market context with data aggregation of dealer and broker inventory, axes, CLOBs, composite pricing. Measure market conformity, venue decisions, and informed execution.
Control and manage the RFQ initiation and price response workflows. Integration with internal and third-party order flow capture and distribution systems.
Transaction monitor captures each step to see market-depth snapshots, evidence best-execution,and aid regulatory compliance and reporting.
Bond pricing engine to power your own pricing models and methods. Centralise bond pricing distribution across traders, portfolio managers and end-clients.
Real-time APIs for data extraction and transaction monitoring. Enable internal and external pricing distribution to your OMS, PMS or Private Wealth client systems.
Rule-engine delivers adjustable levels of automation from autopilot to fully hands-on combined with analytics from external tools. Automate workflows beyond routing and execution.
Dealer grade pricing, manage RFQs, and execute orders across multiple execution platforms and trading venues. Participate effectively in All-to-All trading.

AxeTrader delivers sophisticated, intuitive and powerful fixed income trading workflows

AxeTrader is the market leading and award-winning fixed income dedicated Quoting and Execution Management System (QEMS) that provides dealer grade pricing, manages RFQs, executes orders and helps achieve best execution across multiple execution platforms and trading venues.

Traders can no longer see themselves as static price-takers, relying on limited contacts and limited information. They can no longer rely on simply carrying out their portfolio managers’ instructions.

They’re upping their game, and behaving more like the sell-side. They’re looking for liquidity pre-trade and increasingly becoming not just price-takers but price-makers. There’s an increasing view that the trading process should be considered as integral to the value chain within investment firms.

AxeTrader is not a trading venue, rather we free traders to make best use of their existing systems to interact seamlessly across execution and liquidity sources. Some other providers look to constrain and create a walled garden forcing users to be dependent on a limited range of options. AxeTrader connects to leading third-party market data sources and market intelligence systems.

AxeTrader puts traders in complete control of their order execution with insight and efficiency. This is achieved by aggregating runs, axes, venue and broker liquidity, as well as normalized market data, on one screen in a single, clear, customisable view of the fragmented Fixed Income market.

AxeTrader provides a single point of access to all the firm’s Fixed Income execution venues globally with the tools to maximise value from every execution. It enables the buy-side to go beyond being a price-taker and become a price-maker with dealers and on trading venues. The firm continues to control all their own data in real time and can connect to algo trading, business insight and auto quoting strategies and tools.

We are part of a new generation of technology providers whose ethos and business are built around openness and interoperability.

With a true real-time picture of aggregated market depth and pricing across all available sources, and a full audit trail at the moment of execution, AxeTrader helps meet compliance, best execution, and reporting obligations in the expanding regulatory environment.

The effective availability and use of API's and the adoption of common standards drive our clients beyond the legacy technology providers with their limited ‘walled gardens’. Traders are able to benefit from their choice of connectivity to the broadest ecosystem of best-in-class trading and data applications to truly enhance and improve their trading.

AxeTrader is a streamlined scalable product that integrates with the firm’s existing Order Management Systems and with interfaces including FIX to connect with 3rd party software systems. AxeTrader can be delivered as a managed service using cloud hosting or deployed on premises.

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