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AxeTrading To Roll Out More Automation for Fixed Income Platform

15 Sep 2020
Roll out

AxeTrading is leveraging open source technologies to support more automation on its platform, AxeTrader. As part of its move towards better automation the vendor is gradually integrating open source event streaming platform, Apache Kafka, into its application stack. Event streaming is the capture of data about events, such as transactions—from databases, cloud services and software applications—and disseminating that in real time.

“Kafka is a high-capability messaging infrastructure that has the ability to plug in through things called ‘topics’ [the concept under which events are categorized within Kafka], different plugin points and different APIs,” Mark Watters, co-founder and chief commercial officer at AxeTrading says. “We are purposely building the most high-performing open system that we can in order to allow for automation in multiple ways to be plugged in and out of that system.”

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