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Greville Lucking appointed CEO at AxeTrading

13 Apr 2022
Greville Lucking 6

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Greville Lucking as our new Chief Executive Officer. Greville has been with the firm since 2018 in the role of Head of Customer Support & Integration.

Greville is an experienced business leader within the fixed income technology sector, having been the Chief Operating Officer of EMBonds until their acquisition by BGC Partners. He has previously held senior roles at Formicary and prior to that was with WestLB.

“The board and investors are delighted that Greville has stepped into this role. He is the ideal leader to take AxeTrading into its next successful chapter.” said Mark Cappell, Chairman, AxeTrading. “This completes the new c-suite leadership team at the firm, and we now have the full range of skills and vision to lead us into a new era of growth and delivery for our clients.”

Greville Lucking, CEO, AxeTrading said “I’m looking forward to fulfilling a new strategic approach, with a new team of senior leaders, here at AxeTrading. We have gone through a period of significant change, and we are now ready to deliver our technology faster and more effectively for our clients”.

He went on to say “Some legacy providers look to constrain and create a ‘walled garden’ that restricts users to be dependent on a limited range of options, while we, at AxeTrading, know there is an alternative. As an ‘API first’ product, AxeTrader, delivers true flexibility. I see us making significant advances with our agile, adaptive, and collaborative approach. We seek to support our clients to unlock their true trading potential. To help them see opportunities, manage the complexity, and meet the demands of fixed income and derivatives trading today, across an ever-rising number of trading venues”.

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