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05 May 2020
Axe Trading v5 white

AxeTrading today announced the launch of version 5 of AxeTrader, the award winning fixed-income trading solution for the sell side, buy-side and agency brokers. This latest upgrade to the leading dedicated fixed income market making and order execution workflow tool delivers more power in pricing, quoting and algorithmic risk analytics.

Traders will experience significant benefits from a range of new capabilities including:

  • A sandbox mode which enables Traders to model the impact of price changes on a trading book and manipulate prices to develop their pricing strategy, while continuing to quoting live prices to the market.
  • Reconfiguring pricing sheets without turning off quoting, so eliminating any interruption to trading.
  • The ability to integrate with FX algo pricing to stream FX rates into tickets and hedge FX risk.
  • Internal sharing of inventory to create a "liquidity pool” across multiple trading desks, offices and legal entities through automated or manual rule-based RFQ ticket forwarding to provide flexibility and reduce operational risk in back-to-back tickets.
  • A server scheduler to help Traders meet their market making obligations by automatically putting the interface online at a time of their choice.
  • Introduction of futures to Trader’s workflows to deliver improved hedging capability.

AxeTrader interacts seamlessly across over 22 execution venues and connects to 11 leading market data sources to provide fixed income traders with market aggregation and trading workflows in a single desktop. This enables more efficient and transparent trading using adaptive, open and flexible technology delivered through the full use of JavaFX and the WildFly application manager

Dinos Daborn, COO and co-founder of AxeTrading said “These significant innovations, and our shift on to the latest technology platform, demonstrate our market leading offering for our expanding global client base. They will see a major improvement to their bond trading workflows and benefit from the cutting-edge integration of FX into their pricing and hedging strategy”

“The fundamental changes that are occurring in Fixed Income trading are highlighting the value of an execution platform that is interoperable and evolving. Traders need technology that drives and supports effective pricing, quoting and risk analytics. Which AxeTrader Version 5 delivers.” said Mark Watters CCO and co-founder of AxeTrading.

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